Creating a project

The creation of a project corresponds to the opening of a study (e. g. excavation operation). A code (max. 10 characters) is indicated here which will accompany all the project records and its label; for example, RS-Cer98, for Reims, rue du Cernay, excavation from 1998. Metadata can be added: an acronym, an administrative number, the start and end dates of the study, the methods of quantification and sampling, the supervisor of the excavation, a free reference and its location.
In the context of a project involving one or more material cultures, the useful typologies must be selected. The typologies are classified in alphabetical order (see 3); the classes and fabrics are attached to the typology. This selection can be tedious, but projects can be duplicated and all repositories with them.
It is also possible to select a series of referenced users for collaborative work. However, it will not be possible to work on the same assembly (context, etc.) at the same time.