Wares and typologies

Wares and typologies are grouped into major groups, both geographical and chronological. Within these civilizational groups (Neolithic, Greek-Roman, Middle Ages, Islam, etc.), the wares and typologies are arranged by functional groups (food, non-food), then, for tableware, by major functional groups (consumption, preparation, service, cooking, etc.), and by importance fixed by quality (technical complexity and dissemination areas), without being strict rules, but a framework for reasoning.

In ONICer, few wares and typologies are already integrated and a call for contributions is launched for the Mediterranean basin, the Near and Far East, protohistorical and medieval Europe. 

  • A – Neolithic
  • B – Bronze Age and Ancient Iron Age
  • F – Recent Iron Age
  • G – Greco-Roman civilization
  • H – Medieval and modern Europe
  • D – Ancient Near East
  • L – Near East and Islamic world
  • W – Pre-Columbian America
  • T – Far East