G – Hellenistic Relief-decorated Bowl (“Megarian” Bowl)

Hellenistic Relief-decorated Bowl, so called “Megarian” or “Italo-Megarian”, constitute a own category, even if we can slip covered bowls (MEG1) and those, generally Italic, without slip (MEG).

The main problem is the decoration obtained during throwing in a mould, sometimes stamped.

In addition to bowls, the category includes rare chalices and jugs. The bowl shapes correspond to production areas. The morphological references given by P. Puppo, whose name is the prefix of the types indicated by a lower case letter (Puppo a), are used.

Forms a and b are attributed to Attica, c to the south-western coast of Asia Minor, forms d, g, h are called “Italo-Megarese”, e is called “Tarentine”.

Puppo P., Le coppe megaresi in Italia, Rome, 1995.

Photo RMN