“Finish” returns you to the “project” home screen. This step is requested at the end of a working session, at the end of a project, but also for the correction of a record. Indeed, if you select the project and activate the “Inventory” button, the records appear, filters and sortings allow you to find the record to be modified, pressing the numbers activates the recording screen. 

If the study is completed, the pottery specialist can, from this same screen, export his inventory (CSV format) to his personal system. The exported data are as follows 

  • Site code
  • Context code
  • Inventory or registration number
  • The abbreviation of the ware and its order code (these are alphabetical) and the doubt or not
  • The fabric
  • The wording of the type, the function attached to it, its order code, the doubt or approximation
  • The quantities of rims, walls, bottoms, handles, individuals, Eves, Rim diameters
  • The indication of a drawing, a sample and any comments.