Types and figures

A table support the plates for import into the application,; it includes a typology identification column (PB_CGaul, PB for lead; CGaul for Centre Gaule), a typology group identification column (Jug, Lid, etc.), the name of the board (CR01, CR02, J01), the appearance number of the buttons from 1 to x for each board, the type label (Drag. 18), i. e. what is stored in the database, the button label (18), which appears on the screen, as well as the main function of the type (Eat Plate). 

These functional groups are listed on this website, and will receive, like the categories, order codes. This makes it possible to adopt a more logical  type filing, following categories, by function, rather than in alphabetical order. 

For each plate, add lines for typological approximations (Drag. 18/31) or indeterminations (A for plate, A/C for plate or cut, Indet. for indeterminate, etc.).