The illustration

For better ergonomics, the plates are Italian style and measure about 95 by 195 mm. The drawings are at a scale of nearly a third. The written instructions  along the drawings are minimal, simply matching the determination buttons. 

The plates are grouped into typological groups (plates, pots, etc.). The ideal is to reduce the number of plates (less than 10, max. 20, per typological group), either by creating intermediate typological groups, or by creating complementary plates, or by creating silhouettes and illustrating that the diagnostic parts of the type. 

The plates bear the category code, the region code, the typological group code and their number (e. g. TS_GALL_A01 for plate 1 of the plates of the Gallic-Samian Ware).

Complementary plates can enrich the illustration of the types. These plates are created in the same way as the previous ones and have a number linked to the main plate (e. g. if two complementary plates are linked to CR05, we will name them, CC_GALSEPT_CR05_1 and CR05_2, for the first and second complementary plate of the jugs of the White Ware of Northern Gaul).